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Welcome to Sentire - the Essence E-Magazine for everyone interested in flower and vibrational essences, all around the world.  


Enter the pages of Sentire Magazine and you enter the sacred space of Nature.

The healing energies found throughout Nature call forth our wellbeing at the deepest level. Essences – flower, gem, environmental, astrological, etc – give us an incredible conduit through which these energies can be harnessed.

“Flower essences are precious things, and Sentire's team and contributors honour that in every sense; from the insightful and interesting articles, to the beautiful photography. I cherish the sensitivity expressed so delicately across each issue - I can tell it's a magazine that's soulfully crafted.”

— Maria J Jimenez, Derbyshire, UK

“Well done Sentire team, you are excelling in the education, knowledge and voice of the flower kingdom. I congratulate you in welcoming globally the hearts and minds of the novice to the professional, it is truly needed.”

— Sarah Hill, Melbourne, Australia

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Are you beginning your journey with Essences and needing guidance, or are you further down the path and seeking to deepen your understanding of Essences?  

There are eight issues of Sentire Magazine to choose from representing a

global conversation asking:

  • How can we use Essences to greatest effect for deep holistic healing?

  • How can we make the most of Essences as conduits which enhance and raise our consciousness?

  • How can we learn to hear Nature more deeply and more fully?

  • How best we can use this knowledge and wisdom at this time on Earth?

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