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"To sense, to feel, to know..." 

I love Sentire Magazine. Flower essences are precious things, and Sentire's team and contributors honour that in every sense; from the insightful and interesting articles, to the beautiful photography. I cherish the sensitivity expressed so delicately across each issue - I can tell it's a magazine that's soulfully crafted
As a Bach Flower Practitioner, I find Sentire to be very informative and accessible (I can read it everywhere!). It provides lots of information and tips for practitioners as well as for clients and people who just want to know about flower essences (and other interesting topics too!). Sentire is a very good reference point, and quite important in an area where there is not a great deal of publications of this kind. Keep up the good work!

Maria J Jimenez, Derbyshire, UK

BFRP and Counsellor

"Sentire is gorgeous! A lovely representation of the world of flower essences. I’ve often longed for a way to connect with wise kindred spirits in other places, and find Sentire to be an inspiring bridge for essence enthusiasts around the globe."
Susan Draffan, California, USA
Essence Practitioner, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master

As a subscriber from the start, I have loved every issue of Sentire. I find myself re-reading articles often and just browsing the beautiful images for nature connections and inspiration! Congratulations on a wonderful publication and many thanks to you all for all your hard work to bring this beauty, knowledge and inspiration to us all.
Emma Nixon, Dorset, UK
Newly qualified Flower Essence Practitioner

While being a therapist is extremely rewarding, it can be isolating as well. I found myself yearning to connect with others who practice this unique form of therapy. Sentire Magazine provides this unique and invaluable service. I am so grateful to the founders for their important offering.

Nadia Ameri, California, USA
Flower Essence Practitioner and Producer

The magazine is a delight energetically, visually and intellectually.  Thank you so much for all you hard work in creating it. I've just finished writing up my CPD records and have realised how much I use the 'Sentire' articles as a resource in my practice, as well as enjoying them for myself.
Jill Stern, Forest-of-Dean, UK
Kinesiologist and Flower Essence Practitioner

This publication is amazing! Thank you for all of the hard work, dedication, love and commitment that you put into this awesome magazine!
Terry Leone, Long Island, USA
Master Healer and Reiki Practitioner

I have only been reading Sentire magazine since late last year after I began studying the Bach flower essences. As a result, I signed up to receive every issue. As a student, it became essential reading for me. But anyone who loves flowers, plant spirit medicine or holistic healing will gain enormously from this magazine. Filled with gentle, healing articles, like Mother Nature herself. Sentire lends a greater appreciation of what I already love...
Dianne, London, UK
Bach Flower Practitioner
'Flourish with Flowers' on Instagram

"It's vibrational..."

I love the vibration of this magazine. When I started working back in 2005 this kind of resource was not available and was often ignored for other modalities in the healing arts. The content and structure of the magazine is beautifully presented in every article. Well done Sentire team, you are excelling in the education, knowledge and voice of the flower kingdom. I congratulate you in welcoming globally the hearts and minds of the novice to the professional, it is truly needed.

Keep up the high vibration and the flower world thanks you.

Sarah Hill, Melbourne, Australia

Flower Essence Therapist, Holistic Counsellor, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher

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