Sentire: Issue 5


Sentire Issue 5: October 2018


Single edition: £6  - PDF download

Contents: Issue 5
  • Wild Earth Animal Essences and the Path of Emotional Healing an interview with Daniel Mapel

  • Flower Essences to Access our Perfect Wellbeing by Lila Devi

  • Ritual and Ceremony in our Daily Lives by Ali Baker

  • Surrendering to Resistance by Alexa Sargeant 

  • Artists Inspired by Nature featuring the images and words of four extraordinary artists who work with art, essences, plants and nature

  • Essences and the Wheel of the Year: A Deepening of the Seasons by Lily Ayre

  • Forming Alliances with Plants for Psychic Hygiene and Self Healing by Davyd Farrell

  • Book Reviews by Kathleen Aspenns, Anna Clapp and Amanda Krawczyk

  • Notes from the Field: Daisy Essence by Anna Clapp

  • Essence Essentials: How to Make an Essence by Amanda Krawczyk

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