Sentire: Issue 7

Sentire Issue 7: April 2019

  • Stalking the Elusive Cure for Disease by David Dalton
  • Inspiration from Nature gathered by Lily Ayre and Rachel Singleton
  • New Essences Ranges from Around the World introducing New Light Essences, Light Essence Elementals, Illuminessence Vibrational Essences
  • Awakening the Divine Feminine by Dina Saalisi
  • Flowers for Bees by Libby Hopkins
  • Which Essences Attract and Why by Alyss Thomas
  • Practitioner Skills: Establishing and Maintaining Your Boundaries by Rachel Singleton
  • Supporting the Liver in Spring by Kathleen Aspenns
  • Notes from the Field: Fern Queen Essence by Linda King

Single edition: £6  - PDF download

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