Sentire: Issue 6


Sentire Issue 6: January 2019


Single edition: £6  - PDF download

Contents: Issue 6
  • Continuity in Flower Essence Therapy by Ruth Altschuler

  • The Doctors who use Flower Essences an interview with Dr. Andrew Tressider

  • Introducing new Essences from Around the World Wild Heart Animal Essences, Floralunity and Dances with Dragons

  • Ritual and Ceremony, Part 2 by Ali Baker 

  • Flower Essences Return us to the Origins of Faith by Dr. Judy Griffin

  • Ayahuasca: Sacred Plant Medicine and Spiritual Teacher by Julia Seymour

  • Notes from the Field: Grass of Parnassus by Rachel Singleton

  • Qi and Flower Essences: Through the Lens of Chinese Medicine - Essences for Winter by Kathleen Aspenns

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