Sentire: Issue 3

Sentire Issue 3 May 2018

  • Medicinal Activism: Becoming a Guardian of the Sacred Earth by Fearn Lickfield

  • Why Orchid Essences? by Don Dennis

  • Fear and Me: An Alchemical Journey by Sharon Curran

  • Eight Powerful Flower Essences for Love by Katie Hess

  • The Environmental Use of Essences in your Home by Alyss Thomas

  • Notes from the Field: Rosemary by Amanda Krawczyk

  • Talking Flowers: A flower healing story for children by Shelley Sishton

  • Self-Care for Practitioners by Rachel Singleton

  • Essence Essentials: How to Take Essences by Amanda Krawczyk

Single edition: £6  - PDF download

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