Sentire: Issue 2 

Issue 2: January 2018

  • Sensitivity and the Evolution of the New Human by Ann Callaghan
  • Introducing the Patterning of Water by Julian Barnard
  • The Science of Water by Sue Lilly
  • Essential Skincare, Essences and Rituals by Louise Allen
  • Notes from the Field: Forget-Me-Not by Lily Ayre
  • Autism and the Gift of Essences by Julie Erwin
  • The Organisation for Nature Evolutionaries: An interview with Pam Montgomery
  • Essences: From Surface Self to the Rich Treasures of the Soul by Jackie Stewart
  • Essence Book Reviews by Alyss Thomas, Julia Seymour & Rebecca Hunter
  • Working with the Physical Rhythms of the Body by Dr Judy Griffin
  • How Mentoring Advances Your Flower Essence Therapy Practice by Ruth Altschuler

Single edition: £6  - PDF download

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