Directory Listing - Three Months


Duration of Listing: 3 months

Content: These are simple listings giving your main information (see below). From the link, you can choose to have people link to your website, email or call you to find out more. Please use the contact form to send us the following information, depending on which type of listing you want.

There are no limits to the amount and types of listings you have for your businesses.

For a Practitioner listing: Send your name. Your essence qualification(s). Your country, area/city. The main essence ranges you use. Whether you offer sessions in person or online. Either your telephone number, email, or website. 

For an Essence Producer listing: Send the name of your essence range. The name of the producer. The type of essences (e.g. flower, gem, etc). The country (if not mentioned in name of essences. Your website.

For a Workshop/Training listing: Send us the title of the workshop, course or training. A contact name. Dates and duration. Resulting qualification if appropriate. Either your telephone number, email or website.

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