Double Page Magazine Advert: 4 issues


Duration of Listing: 4 issues of the magazine (1 year)


Content: Double-page, full colour advert in four issues of Sentire over one year. Your advert will feature in four issues of our live magazine for one year, over a double-page spread. Please check the submissions dates below to see when your advert will start. Please email us on: to state your start-date preference and to organise transfer of files for your advert.

Dates for Submission:

  • Winter Issue: 30th November (Winter issue live 23rd Jan to 22nd April)
  • Spring Issue: 28th February (Spring issue live 23rd April to 22nd July)
  • Summer Issue: 30th May (Summer issue live 23rd July to 22nd October)
  • Autumn Issue: 31st August (Autumn issue live 23rd October to 22nd January)


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