the vision of Sentire

Sentire Magazine is the embodiment of a single vision: to celebrate and share all things Essences.

Across the global community, there is now incredible knowledge and insight about essences.

Many of us have a deep passion for this most subtle and exquisite of healing modalities.

Many of us feel the need for something that can touch and tend our soul - the mystical Self we are at our core - as we seek to navigate our way in a strange world and challenging times. 

Within the pages of Sentire, you will find the innate healing, vitality and wisdom of Essences and the Natural world being given voice by the seers and visionaries, doctors, shamans and soul whisperers, plant seekers and speakers who have dedicated their life to a deep abiding listening. . .  

Here you will drink in the potent harmony of Flower and Vibrational Essences in words and images.

Here you will understand better how to use essences in your own life.

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